How to join us

First of all, I would like to thank you for showing interest in joining our Clan.

To join us, you must post your application in the joining section here.

When you post there, please post a little bit about yourself, how long you have played, all old nicks and clans, real name, your country, actual nickname on Voobly, real rate and your best rated ever and why you would like to join RoR!

We have a rating policy. Before you post there you Must be at least 1800+, if you not, your application topic will be closed.

So, if you meet the rating requirement, best thing to do is be friendly and get to know all our members, so we can open a poll, in the correct time, for your trial! A single " No " and you won't be accepted.

You need to speak fluent English to join RoR. ---> Youtube trailer


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